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A pottery decorating tip: the rule of thirds

Here is a quick little idea to try the next time you find yourself looking down at your plate and saying, "Why doesn't it look right." It also gives you a peek at one of the many patterns we have available for tracing and filling in! It's okay to pick a pattern! Don't be shy about asking! See you soon!

Memory keeping demo with Perfect Days card pack

Taking a break from pottery painting to demonstrate a pocket page layout for you. I am using Stampin' Up!'s Memories & More collection of items along with the Number of Years stamp set. I had never been a scrapbooker before because it seemed like developing a layout took forever. Now that there are pocket pages and themed card collections, it is very easy and fun to do. See for yourself! Are you a scrapbooker or want to learn more about pocket page memory keeping? Stay tuned for upcoming classes and scrap-a-thons at Clayground of Worcester!

Options for painting fine lines on your pottery

Zentangle practice with Aquafleur

Clayground has Zentangle events for new and experienced tanglers! Aimee is practicing with Tombow #monodrawingpens today

15 minute Zentangle practice from start to finish

Can you complete a Zentangle practice in fifteen minutes? See for yourself and hear a few tips along the way. Next Intro to Zentangle event is August 3! Register for Zentangle events at

How to draw Mister Gerbik

Learn how to draw Aimee's new tangle, Mister Gerbik.